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Bluetooth Data Points

BDP approach Bluetooth Data Points (BDP) is a new approach for creating mobile services with wireless tags. It is a yet another use case for the network proximity. Mobile application (Android) lets any user post some announcement (advertising, classified, etc.) and associate it with a Bluetooth node on the phone. The same application on another phone can scan nearby Bluetooth nodes and collect local notices.

So, BDP lets mobile users share and browse hyper-local data. BDP does not require wireless tags. Your smartphone is enough for opening a new data channel. You can download this application right from our site.

One user (publisher) describes own data (e.g., classified, coupons/discount info, service request/offer, etc.) and starts linked Bluetooth node right on the phone. Other users in proximity can browse (with the same application) local data and respond. For the moved phone (Bluetooth node) data will follow to the phone.

Of course, data could be associated with the existing Bluetooth nodes too. By the same principles we can work with Wi-Fi access points - our Spot Expert (SpotEx) approach. Target areas include Smart Cities, Retail, HoReCa, connected cars, etc. We can expect up to 20 Billion Bluetooth devices to be deployed by 2016.

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